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About PaperPie

You will find Usborne and Kane Miller books the most exciting, engaging, and educational books on the market today. They are high quality, innovative, lavishly-illustrated and best of all they are the books kids love to read. Enjoy browsing through the almost 2000 bright colorful and fun titles covering a wide variety of subjects. 

30 years ago Peter Usborne pioneered a new generation of books that prove that it is possible to create books that compete with the vast media that attracts children today. From activity books, to neat fiction series, to internet-linked science and history encyclopedias, Usborne does books better.

Kane Miller books come from all over the world to bring a different feel, culture, or just a silly story that kids everywhere can enjoy. Fantastic fiction series make Kane Miller a wonderful choice for the readers in your life.

Check out our new titles or shop by category, or start with our great collections to build a wonderful library of books for your family!


Book Industry Awards

PaperPie’s Quality & Affordability

• Acid-free Paper
• Stitched Bindings
• Durable Library Bindings
• Abundance of Full-Color Illustrations
• Most priced under $10

Special Features of Usborne Books

• Step-by-step explanations
• Cutaway illustrations
• Double page layouts
• Pages filled with activity
• Informational text

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