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Cards for a Cause Fundraisers


Need a simple fundraiser for your organization?
PaperPie proudly offers a unique program, Cards for a Cause Fundraisers, with value-for-money greeting cards and a high return to the organization raising funds. We are committed to promoting good corporate citizenship. We have designed this fundraiser with that in mind. Over 40% of the funds raised will benefit the organization’s goal. When you choose to participate in Cards for a Cause Fundraisers, over 40% of all sales benefit your organization – well above the average profit margin in the industry.


Why should we consider Cards for a Cause Fundraisers for our fundraising needs?
Cards for a Cause Fundraisers offers a simple opportunity to raise money for your organization. Our boxes of cards are the highest quality and such an amazing value – they practically sell themselves. Cards for a Cause Fundraisers is exclusively available through Your PaperPie Brand Partner


How much profit will our organization make?
Your organization will receive up to $13 per box of cards sold (at $30 a box), depending on tax exempt status. There is no maximum amount that you could earn!


How much does your organization need to raise?
Cards for a Cause Fundraisers depends on goals and we want to help you meet yours. Let our demonstrated success be part of your fundraising efforts. Whether you need $50, $500 or $5,000, let us show you how you could achieve that with Cards for a Cause.

Strong History, Bright Future
Cards for a Cause Fundraisers is the premier fundraising program of PaperPie, a successful, debt-free company which provides personal service across the nation. As with all programs offered by PaperPie, your organization will receive the knowledge and expertise of our Brand Partner to assist you with all of your fundraising needs. Your success is important to us, and we are willing to go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals.

Why Cards for a Cause?

Our Fundraiser Product is VALUE Priced!
Finally – a fundraiser product that is useful and not over-priced! The Cards for a Cause fundraiser product is boxed sets of 30 full-sized greeting cards with matching envelopes for $30 – that’s only a $1 per card!! Customers get a high-quality product at a reasonable price and the organization makes a 43% return.

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