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Grant Matching

Offering Usborne books, Kane Miller books, Smart Lab Toys as a PaperPie Brand Partner

50% Matching Grants through PaperPie

The Literacy for a Lifetime Matching Grant Program is an excellent way to expand your library’s collection, build a leveled book room, or provide supplemental classroom materials.

Literacy for a Lifetime is a 50% matching grant program available through Educational Development Corporation (EDC). Schools, Businesses and Foundations can partner with EDC to help support organizations that are working to increase literacy among our youth. Make your grant/donation stretch farther by using the Literacy for a Lifetime 50% Matching Grant Program.

How it Works

Through this generous program, grants/donations are used to purchase your choice of PaperPie products, and are matched with 50% in additional PaperPie titles of your choice for FREE!

Grants/donations may be tax deductible depending on the recipient.
2,000 products to choose from
$250 minimum
Free Shipping
No cap on amount matched


Example 1: When a school chooses to use a $10,000 grant to purchase new books from PaperPie, Literacy for a Lifetime will donate an additional $5,000 in Usborne & Kane Miller books of their choice to the school.


Example 2: When a foundation, business or individual donates $10,000 in books from PaperPie to a local shelter library, Literacy for a Lifetime will donate an additional $5,000 in PaperPie books of their choice to the shelter library.

Please reach out to me at: or at 717-465-4131
to get started.


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